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The aspiration of GSM is to establish a global standard to compare and consolidate the many skills frameworks around the world. The GSM provides learners and employers with a way to map courses and programs to a global codification of priority skills based on the job domains in today’s digital economy. The GSM provides global credibility as courses and programs will:

  • be aligned with international standards,
  • be linked to relevant skills identified by employers,
  • have clear pathways that enable learners, employers, and policy makers to map learning journeys from learning programs to priority skills and towards specific careers.


DQ Assessment was developed as a web/mobile-based platform providing assessment & analytics tools to support digital skills education/training programs and measure digital skills for individuals and organizations based on global benchmarks. It will enable:

  1. Common assessments that measure the levels of multiple competencies of digital intelligence of individuals and organizations against global standards with global benchmarks

  2. In-depth analysis to the end users (e.g., individuals and organizations) to identify their strengths and weaknesses through global benchmark

  3. Customized digital skill development for individuals and organizations to help design customized lifelong training


Digital Citizenship

Test your levels of the 8 must-have digital skills through this 45 minute assessment.

  • For all ages

Digital Parenting Test

Parents take an assessment with their child to discover their digital parenting skills.


Digital Resilience Test

For employers to measure their employee’s digital skills in the workplace.


Digital Educators Test

For educators and teachers to measure their digital citizenship skills knowledge


Custom Assessment

Create your own digital skills assessment.



DQ Analytics help program providers visualize the efficacy and impact of their program. Whether you’re looking to see how different age groups compare, if girls are more susceptible to cyber-bullying, or even if different social economic status makes a difference, we’ve got you covered with your very own customizable analytics dashboard.

User: demo-board@dqforall.com
Password: DQ4all2023!

*Sample data meant only for demonstration purposes. Data is not indicative of any country or program scores.


DQ World is a world leading online education platform to teach children ages 8-12 the 8 Digital Citizenship Skills. It empowers them to become informed and discerning digital citizens.

  • Research-Based: Developed in collaboration with leading research institutions across the globe


  • Comprehensive: Targets knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and behaviors in relation to the 8 digital citizenship skills


  • Internationally Recognized: Acknowledged by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)


  • Proven Education Approach: Awarded twice by UNESCO (2012; 2013)


  • Scalable: Can be used across the world in small- and large-scale settings


  • 8 Languages Available: Arabic, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Traditional Chinese


  • Low Maintenance: Self-directed learning with minimal support from parents


  • Interactive: Keeps children engaged through a gamified storytelling approach with animated content, comics, and lessons